The Indian Maharadja Sumo 50 (Mid Bow)

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Indian Maharadja Sumo Fifty

Sumo, a completely new, contemporary and colorful line in The Indian Maharadja collection. Five distinctive and sporty color combinations for a wide audience. The Sumo fifty is a smooth all-round field hockey stick with backhand protection and carbon 50. A mid bow stick with a curvature of 24 mm over the entire stick. A stick with the right balance between flexibility and rigidity.The higher carbon content in the Sumo fifty provides extra strength, stiffness and vibration damping.The all-round hockey stick for a perfect combination of power and ball control.

Features and Benefits
- Bow / curve: 24 mm mid bow
- Grip: extreme cushion grip
- Material: carbon 50, backhand protection
- Finish: shiny coating
- Suitable for: field
- Color: dark blue / lime green
- Core: 2-core technology