Gryphon Tour GXXI Series

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The GXXI TOUR Series is a result of years of development to achieve the ultimate level of power and balance for a hockey stick. Designed with superior stiffness to bring the highest quality ball speed and a responsive touch for elite players looking for a crisp feel in their hands.

The composition of the stick creates a lightweight feel with a high balance point for intuitive stick control. Made with Kraibon® Technology which produces a smooth and durable internal construction. The 6K Carbon Fibre provides a slick finish for this elite level stick.

  • Power : Ultimate
  • Feel : Highly Responsive
  • Carbon Quotient* : 100
  • Fibre Composition : Carbon, Fibreglass & Aramid
  • Targeted Weight : 515g
  • Balance Point : 400mm
  • Colour: Black/Chrome Silver