The Indian Maharadja Gravity Nano (Mid Bow) - Black/Army Green

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The well-known Gravity sticks are the top of the collection of The Indian Maharadja. True power sticks and available in seven strong 'Gravity Black' variants with matte finish, carbon look and extra fiber technology. The Gravity field hockey sticks are real mid bow sticks with a 24mm curve about 30cm from the curl. Great for the allround and practiced player. An ideal stick with great fighting power, but also to make technical actions and provide a tight fit. The Gravity Nano is a high end stick with backhand protection, an extra grip surface on the inside of the hook and extra stiffness through the 100% carbon. The extremely high percentage of carbon and the latest 3-core nano production technology provide speed, ball control, extra stiffness, strength and damping value. The ultimate hockey stick with excellent combination of power and impact for the very technical player.