Gryphon Tour GXXII Series (2022)

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The GXXII TOUR Series is a result of continuous developments to achieve the ultimate level of stiffness for a hockey stick featuring the latest technologies. Despite a targeted weight of 515g (+/- 15g) the TOUR GXXII delivers the highest level of power in the hockey arena.


The constant evolution of the TOUR Series has seen the creation of an unbeatable stick featuring the Kraibon® Technology to offer the ultimate power and feel for a remarkable balanced stick.


Designed to provide the ultimate level of power, the TOUR GXXII is the perfect choice for a player looking for ultimate power with a crisp responsive feel.


The Light feel lay-up creates a durable lightweight stick with a high balance point to be in perfect control of your hands and sticks movements while executing dribbles and hits.


  • Kraibon® Technology
  • Light Feel Lay-up
  • 6K Carbon Finish
  • Power : Ultimate
  • Feel : Highly Responsive
  • Carbon Quotient* : 100